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This course is aimed at beginners to filmmaking although an understanding of the basics of photography would be useful. Run over one day, the course will take you through all of the skills necessary to plan and shoot your first film. Each course will vary slightly according to the skillset of the class, but the following is a rough outline:

  • Understanding and interpreting a film brief
  • An introduction to narrative structure
  • Visual storytelling & film techniques
  • Video formats and aspect ratios
  • The exposure triangle: Aperture, ISO, Shutter speed
  • Other camera settings, white balance and frame rates
  • Lenses, focal lengths and depth of field
  • Tripods, camera movement and shot types
  • 3 point and guerrilla lighting
  • Recording audio, microphones, external recorders and other equipment
  • Interview techniques
  • Shooting b-roll
  • Production planning and consent forms
  • Ingesting footage and editing basics

After lunch we will break into smaller groups to go and shoot interviews and b-roll around Dalston which we will cut into a short edit once we’re back.


The courses run on Saturdays from 10am to 5:30 and will be based from studio space in Dalston, E8, with a max class size of 8. You will need to have a camera that has video functionality on it although one can be arranged for an extra cost. Courses cost £120 (£100 +VAT) and group discounts are available.


I have been filming for over ten years with a particular interest in social and environmental stories.  I have filmed all over the world and in some pretty challenging environments including multiple visits through the Amazon, thirty trips through Africa including the Democratic Republic of the Congo, refugee camps in South Sudan and Kenya and the continent’s largest slum, Kibera. I have filmed a lot on water, sanitation, climate and deforestation issues as well as projects on tourism, gangs, homelessness and corporate films and commercials.  I have used DSLRs for filmmaking for many years and ghostwrote the section on this topic for Tom Ang in his very successful book Digital Photography Step by Step. In 2014, I was presented the Marco Longari award for changing lives for my film and photography work across Africa for the One Foundation.

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