Kris Genijn leads on Animation at Bristol Productions, a veteran creative with over 20 years’ experience and nearly as many awards for his beautiful work. From claymation stop-frame to paper cutout animation, his toolkit is as nearly as endless as his imagination.

Selected Animations

Client: International Organization for Migration
Outputs: 2 minute animation

This award-winning film doesn’t just showcase statistics, it brings to life the human stories behind the numbers. This poignant narrative is a tribute to those lost in the pursuit of a better life and is a testament to the impact their absence has had on those they’ve left behind. Commissioned by the International Organization for Migration, this was a partnership with Wired Video, uncovering the silent struggles of families seeking the truth about their missing migrant loved ones.

Client: Neuronimo
Outputs: Series of 20 x short animations

We’ve joined forces with leading neuroscientists to breathe life into ‘Neuronimo’ – a transformative mental wellbeing initiative, ingeniously crafted to foster emotional resilience in children and young adults throughout the UK’s education landscape. Delve into the world of Neuronimo, where science meets imagination, and foster the growth of mentally strong and emotionally resilient young minds. Welcome to an educational experience like no other, shaping the wellbeing champions of tomorrow!

Client: Netherlands Institute of Animation
Outputs: 5 minute  animation

Discover a pitch-black comedy and a heartfelt ode in our award-winning animation, a whimsical requiem for all those childhood pets whose lives met astonishingly curious ends. This unconventional exploration of childhood, memory, and loss has garnered international acclaim, winning the coveted ‘BEST IN SHOW’ at the New York Animation Block Party, as well as the the ‘AUDIENCE AWARD’ at the London International Animation Festival, as well as showings at 56 international festivals and multiple other awards.

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