Kris Genijn leads on Animation at Bristol Productions, a veteran creative with over 20 years’ experience and nearly as many awards for his beautiful work. From claymation stop-frame to paper cutout animation, his toolkit is as nearly as endless as his imagination.

Selected Animations

Client: International Organization for Migration
Outputs: 2 minute animation

UN-commissioned award-winning animation produced alongside a wired video for IOM about the struggles of the families of missing migrants, fighting to discover the fate of their loved ones once they go missing. Won 1st place at the MyHero festival.

Client: Netherlands Institute of Animation
Outputs: 5 minute  animation

An award-winning independent short. A black humoured requiem for all the childhood pets, who found their end in the most curious of circumstances. AWARDS: BEST IN SHOW at New York Animation Block Party, AUDIENCE AWARD at London International Animation Festival, selected at 56 international festivals, including ANNECY, HAFF, ANIMA, ITFS, KROK & ANIMA MUNDI…

Client: Flemish AV Fund
Outputs: 8 minute animation

Co-directed with Pieter Vanluffelen, He and Sea is a poetic creational epic about perseverance and passion, crafted with the same traits. It world-premiered at the prestigious Anima-festival in Brussels, was Vimeo Staff Pick and has finished its tour around the festivals racking up 3 awards along the way.

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