“Movies touch our hearts and awaken our vision, they open doors and minds and change the way we see things. Your job is to get your audience to care about your obsessions.” Martin Scorsese

One of the most important roles we have as filmmakers is to help to make your story as relatable as possible, whatever the nature of the project. That means working with our clients on the tone, the narrative, location and subjects and providing 360 degree support to ensure your project is planned, produced and released perfectly every time.

We have chosen the following films to reflect a range of ways we have achieved this for some of our clients and to show the diversity of approach to the filmmaking contained therein. This is a small snapshot of the films we have worked on, so if there is a style or something specific you are looking for, please do let us know.

Recent Films

Client: The Co-op
Outputs: 2 minute film & photos for website

February saw the start of Fairtrade Fortnight and the Co-op sent us to visit the amazing Mutira Coffee Co-operative in Kenya to see how Fairtrade is supporting them in the battle against climate change.

Client: The Dental Implant Clinic
Outputs: 1 minute film, photography & website

February also saw us launch a new website for one of the leading specialist implant centres in the whole of the UK. As part of the revamp we produced a short film and shot a collection of marketing photographs.

Client: Clifton Photonics
Outputs: 3 minute film & staff photography

The client approached us to film the highly sophisticated instrumentation they produce. Armed with lights and liquid sprays, in this 3 minute film we bring these highly specialised optical probes to life.

Selected Projects

Client: London’s Air Ambulance
Outputs: 3 minute film

This is one part of a series of films we produced for the world’s leading emergency trauma team. In this episode we meet some of the people who would not be here were it not for this remarkable organisation.

Client: Osmosis
Outputs: 5 minute 3D & motion graphics

Osmosis is a global leader in sustainable investment. In this short film we show why changes to capital allocation are urgently needed and why it makes financial and environmental sense.

Client: Commerzbank
Outputs: 1 minute high-concept advert

The client wanted to move away from a historically conservative approach to their advertising and so we pitched the following high-concept commercial to them, to launch their new online Forex trading platform.

Client: Hähnel Accessories
Outputs: 3 minute film & high-speed photography

Part of a commission of 5 films to launch the client’s new product The Hahnel Captur, this 3 minute episode  demonstrates how to shoot high-speed photography using the laser functionality.

Client: United Purpose
Outputs: 2 minute fundraising commercial

We were approached to devise and film a Christmas campaign to highlight the endemic issue of child sexual abuse prevalent in some areas of Malawi. This film may be upsetting to watch, viewer discretion is advised.

Client: The Co-op
Outputs: Multiple edits, photography

Filmed in Belize, Ghana, Kenya and the Ivory Coast, this 3 minute film celebrates the incredible impact that the Co-op has had over 25 years of selling Fairtrade products.

Client: The V&A
Outputs: 5 artist profile films @ 3 minutes

In the first ever artist video series by the V&A, we were commissioned to profile the 5 subjects of The Shadowcaptures exhibition with our films shown alongside the artists’ work.

Client: The Bar Council
Outputs: 5 minute edit

In the face of continuing reductions to legal services, this 5 minute film looks at how the cuts to legal aid have made justice increasingly difficult for the poor, the reasons the cuts are flawed and some of the solutions.

Client: The Malawi Government
Outputs: 5 minute edit

Filmed across the length of Malawi over 2 weeks, in this tourism video launched at the World Travel Forum, we showcase the highlights of this incredible country from ground and air.

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